Our organisation

The Fairness Foundation is a new project that works to change the debate around fairness in order to build a fairer society. We are a registered charity (number 1044174) and are non-party-political. Our geographic focus is on England, although on some issues we look across the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to change the terms of the public debate about fairness, to promote the benefits of a fair society, and to inspire citizens, the media and decision-makers to create a fairer society. In doing so, we explore what fairness means today and try to bring people together around a new consensus.

We work through partnerships with organisations from a broad range of sectors that share our vision, media commentary on the links between fairness and key topical issues, research into public attitudes to fairness and the reality on the ground, and advocacy, including public campaigns alongside our partners.

We do not give grants to other organisations. We are a UK-only organisation and are unaffiliated with similarly named organisations in Germany and the USA.

Our people



Editorial board




People and organisations consulted

We consulted with a wide range of people and organisations during the scoping and design phase of setting up the Fairness Foundation. Many thanks to the people and organisations below who generously gave their time and expertise to help us.

During the scoping phase we found strong and wide-ranging support for the creation of an organisation focusing on changing the terms of the debate around fairness.

We are keen to hear from other organisations with whom we have not yet had the opportunity to discuss our plans and opportunities for collaboration.

The inclusion of people on the list below does not necessarily mean that they or their organisation endorse our strategy, views or activities.