All workers should be guaranteed fair wages and equal pay for equal work, reasonable terms and conditions, adequate contractual security, safe and healthy working conditions, equal opportunities for jobs and promotion, and enough time for rest and leisure, with the right to unionisation.


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Childcare and Early Education Systems: A comparative literature review of liberal welfare states
The Living Standards Audit 2022
The Income Crisis: a Gendered Analysis
State of the Nation 2022: A fresh approach to social mobility
Broken Ladders: The Myth of Meritocracy for Women of Colour in the Workplace
High Pay Centre analysis of FTSE 350 pay ratios
Six out of ten people think CEOs should be paid no more than ten times their typical employee
Menopause and the Workplace
Top income inequality and tax policy
Fulfilling its potential?
2022 Report | The Gender Index
What Women Want: Tackling gender inequalities in unpaid care and the workplace
Labour market inequalities show a need to boost wage growth of middle earners and low earners in non-traditional employment
Almost one-third of working adults given less than a week's notice of working hours
The labour market | Inequality: the IFS Deaton Review
Paving the Way: Careers guidance in secondary schools
Firms and inequality
Labour market overview, UK: February 2022
Spatial disparities across labour markets
Labour market effects of the increase in the state pension age from 65 to 66
Capital concerns: Poverty in London and the role of business in helping tackle it
Sex & Power 2022
Inequality and the Covid crisis in the United Kingdom
Half of UK families are £110 worse off a year since 2019 general election
Women and men at work
Rides and responsibilities: Understanding the needs and preferences of those who work in the gig economy
Unlocking the potential of ethnic minority businesses: Tackling the barriers to success
Youngest baby boomers risk becoming a ‘forgotten generation’ with inequality skyrocketing and financial pressures worsening
Jobs that work: Paving the way for good jobs through participatory co-design
Gender pay gap in the UK: 2021
Low and high pay in the UK: 2021
An intergenerational audit for the UK
Levelling up at work - fixing work to level up across the UK
Women in the labour market: Boosting mothers’ employment and earnings through accessible childcare
Prosperity and justice after the pandemic
SMC calls for children to be put centre stage of pandemic recovery
Social mobility and ethnicity
No longer 'managing': The rise of working poverty and fixing Britain's broken social settlement
The UK's decisive decade | The launch report of The Economy 2030 Inquiry
Covid-19 and Insecure Work
The State of Economic Justice in Birmingham and the Black Country 2021
UK Poverty 2020/21
Pay ratios and the FTSE 350: an analysis of the first disclosures
State of the North 2020/21
An Avoidable Crisis (The Lawrence Review)
Ethnicity pay gaps: 2019
An intergenerational audit for the UK 2020
The Living Standards Audit 2020
Who wins and who pays? Rentier power and the Covid crisis
Levelling up
Unfair and in need of reform

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