We have to fix the broken markets that trap people in poverty, deny them opportunities, reward them inconsistently, undermine the social contract, and fail to treat people equitably. Rather than compensating for the hurdles that face people growing up in disadvantage, we should dismantle them. There are a wide range of evidence-based, practical ways to do this, but we have chosen to focus on three key market failures that need to be fixed: making jobs better, making essentials affordable, and taxing wealth better. As these solutions involve fixing broken markets, many of the steps needed to achieve them do not require significant additional spending, and where investment is necessary, it will pay for itself many times over. As well as a compelling economic case, there is an overwhelming moral case to fix these market failures urgently, so as to build a fairer society and economy and to repair the damage done to the social contract, to prosperity and growth, to our health and wellbeing, to our democracy and social cohesion, and to our natural environment.